All eCards include matching non-animated eCard, email template, custom message, optional logo, music and Web link.
NOTE: Music, Web link, and logo are optional. If you do not wish to include a feature simply leave that area blank.
Contact Us for a custom quote. Send us any logo we can fix and resize it!
eMailing Service is Optional Send yourself using your own eMarketing program, or let us handle the mailing for you and we'll send you a report of who opened your eCard.

Customize and Send

1. REGISTER! We recommend registering first so you can save your design
2. Customize your card
3. Save your card
4. Test your card
5. Purchase your card
6. Send your card!

Upload your logo, create a custom message, select music and add social media links, then send a test to your team for approval.

All tests will function like the final version but include a watermark. After you place an order you will receive the final unwatermarked email template to forward individually from your email or send to a large list using a mail merge.

You can login to your 'My Account' area and download the HTML email template under the 'View Details' link. This HTML file can be loaded into any email service or software. If you need support installing the template in any program, please contact our support team.

While some clients prefer to send their own ecards, we are happy to complete your order with our premium delivery service. If you send your ecards independently, there is NO additional fee.

Download eCard sending instructions in Microsoft Word, edit as needed and distribute to your team with along with the custom card template.

B2B ECARDS Delivery Service

We use the latest web technologies for the best shot of making it into your contact's inbox. With over 12 years of experience, we leverage extensive insight and valuable partnerships to make your Holiday eCard campaign a positive experience for everyone.

B2B ECARDS Delivery Service includes email template setup and list management. We remove duplicates, fix email errors, monitor sending, and track delivery to provide a report that gives you insight into your recipients actions.

Step 1

To order B2B ECARDS Delivery Service, prepare your list using our Excel formatted B2B ECARDS List Template and save as a .CSV or .XLS file. Your list must include recipient email addresses, sender name and subject line.

Step 2

Next, select mailing services as you approve your eCard design and add to cart.

Step 3

On the last step of the checkout process you will be asked to upload your list and schedule the date to send.

Step 4

We will contact you to provide a test run for your ecard mailing 24 hours prior to your mailing date.

Please allow 3 days for list processing during the holidays. Contact us for expedited delivery!

Within 7-10 days a tracking report will be available.


List Size







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Over 5000

Download B2B Ecards List Template

IMPORTANT: We only send to your specific list. We do NOT sell or source email lists. We don't provide
email lists for customers or third parties to buy or rent. We're a permission-based
company: this means the people we email have agreed to be contacted.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against SPAM.


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